Keto eating experiment – 15 weeks in….


Just thought I’d write up my learnings so far from the last 4 weeks of the ketogenic/Banting eating plan.

I have to say firstly I’m feeling really good – better energy, clearer thinking, mentally better overall, feeling tighter/lighter and hardly ever hungry! (how liberating!)

Managing well on less sleep overall but I’m sure I would feel better with a little bit more! (This is more related to work hour needs).

Interestingly my total body weight has stayed the same over the last 4 week, but clothes are looser and yet again my belt has come in two notches. I’ve bought more clothes that have come down 2 sizes now. In fact one client said to me yesterday – it looks like you’ve lost a lot in the last couple of weeks -don’t lose it too quick!

I’ve read that sometimes there are stumbling blocks to fat loss with ketogenic eating. When this happens people generally manipulate carbs, have less dairy and nuts. I’m not overly concerned with this yet, as I can clearly feel and see, I’ve lost, despite the scale reading.

Food wise, i have done a 1-2 fasts on some weeks – first meal at lunchtime. Still having mostly full fat Greek yoghurt when having breakfast, cheese and meat salads for lunch, and an adapted evening meal from the family’s meal to make it ketogenic.

There’s a few extra things I want to try over the next month- eating main meal at lunchtime instead of last thing at night and then a lighter meal in the evening, play around with portion sizes to see if I can eat less without it affecting hunger, energy or cravings, bring more resistance based exercise in to try and improve muscle mass. I think I need to take some circumference measurements to track my loss now too.

I have my full spectrum blood test on Monday and then the results about 3 weeks after that, so will keep you posted on the findings of over 70 blood markers.

Best wishes