Ketogenic eating – 10 lessons learnt!


A year experiment and 10 lessons learnt;

That whilst for some it can take a while to get into, and easy to get out of, a ketogenic state, I personally found huge benefits regardless of this. My body felt better, I felt better mentally and my overall wellness increased. So don’t worry too much are not truly in a ketogenic state.

That, like any nutrition plan, but especially this one, it’s imperative to prepare and plan ahead. Obviously this is true of any plan, but I felt even more so with this one, to get the macros right.

Eating out is where it needs planning but I did find that restaurants were prepared to adjust recipes to suit.

That there is a lot of information when on the subject when you look; reading resources, websites, social media, cook books, etc Amazon has great supply but check the breakdown for the carbohydrates as the recipes and portions might need adjusting to suit.
One of the best resource sites I found was the diet doctor. Great videos, knowledgeable speakers, gear explanations and plans etc

That if you have a sweeter tooth there are recipes for things like fat bombs using cocoa powder, nut butters and coconut oil etc that do satisfy.
I must add though that obviously your taste buds change!

That ketostix (urine ketone checking strips) rarely showed a high ketogenic state, which I found messed with my head. Breath analyzers are thought to be more accurate.(you can get these cheaper from eBay).

That it wasn’t the quickest way I’ve changed bodyfat levels, but it had a more profound effect on overall health. Longer term approach always trump quickfix anyway!

That holidays and weekend aways were harder to stay on track. Saying that, it can be good to mix things up and keep the body guessing. One coach I spoke to suggested occasional higher carbohydrates days.

That exercise and movement helped greatly. I found it accelerated getting into a ketogenic state. This doesn’t just have to be interval training or metabolic chain weights but regular walking. My Fitbit encouraged me to move more.

Another method that worked well with the ketogenic diet was fasting. For me this manifested itself as a smaller eating window- so 3 meals within 10-12 hours or 2 meals only in a smaller window. The reason this is successful is that you are asking your body to relinquish its fat stores. You are asking it to use stores rather than it using food you’ve eaten to top up energy.

I was happy with the year experiment and learnt a lot. Overall loss was good & the only reason for it fluctuating was my challenged mental status and personal issues. This touches on a subject that I will write about in a up and coming blog very soon! Watch this space!

Best wishes