Ketogenic experiment – week 2






I must say the more & more I read on this subject, the more I think that the information surrounding this topic, needs to be heard critically, by the public at large.

As with any science topic there will be evidence for & against, but from what I’ve read so far, for me it’s compelling!

I would expect there to be a backlash towards this information because it totally goes against what we’ve been taught for many years!

Basically what’s suggested is that the food pyramid – which shows a wide base of carbohydrates, then medium ‘centre’ protein & low fat ‘peak’, should actually be put on its head i.e. reversed for good health!!
So low carbs, medium protein & high fat!

Ultimately if you want to go on this plan it should be a lifestyle change, as opposed to fad,(although it could used short term aswell).
It might not be suitable for everyone, but I would definitely recommend trying it and see how you feel after the initial phase.

When it says high fat they are generally talking about natural fats. Fats can be broken down into saturated, monounsaturated & polyunsaturated.
There is a fourth category – trans fats – those man made from the likes of making margarines – that should definitely be avoided.

Surprisingly there’s a lot of evidence to suggest saturated fats (butter, eggs, meat) are NOT the health issue once thought. They can actually benefit your immune system, bone density & keep testosterone levels up.

There should be good monounsaturated fats (olive oil, advacados, & some nuts) taken in too.

I’m going to be writing more about polyunsaturated fats a bit more in another blog, as its more complex. Some should be eaten, others not!

Right, back to my findings…..

With carbs kept very low & fat high, my hunger is still very low.

I have my 3 meals a day & no snacks.
The meals carry me further & I don’t feel I need to eat anything inbetween.

I’ve got to be honest normally I’m pretty much hungry all the time(!) so that alone is fantastic!

Very few side effects, occasional headache & thirst & energy a little up & down at the start of week 2.

Interestingly enough my overall weight has stayed the same for this week. I just need to track over time to adjust my macro nutrients to suit & adjust overall meal volume too. Detective work is needed to suit me personally. I’m drinking loads more water, so my ‘weight’ might vary short term.

I have definitely experienced sharper mental processing!
Previously when I have eaten too much carbs I have a fuzzy head & don’t always think straight.

Sleep still very good. I feel tired & ready for bed, not wired, as in some nights prior to starting this plan.

I ordered a few ketogenic cookbooks to try & get some new recipe ideas. There’s some amazing alternatives & recipes that I do feel can make a long term lifestyle change a lot easier. I’d be happy to share some with you once I’ve looked through them.

Lastly – how do you know you are in ‘ketosis’?

I had a chat to a client today who was concerned that it might be an extreme way of eating, but the truth is, there is ketosis with any effective fat loss programme.

You can measure ketones in your urine with keto sticks although this can be more unreliable apparently, as time goes on. I might try it just so I can feedback.

I will report back more next week & will include more of the science behind it!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊