Ketogenic experiment- WK6 – eating out!



Can’t believe where the time flies!!
Over this last week, I was away for a couple of days, so I thought I’d write up how to stick to high fat, medium protein & high fat eating, on the run!

As with anything, it pays to plan ahead, so bringing some suitable food and drink (where possible) is always useful. I also look ahead at the menus at the hotel or local restaurants online, to suss out what the better options are.

I think wherever you are eating it’s rare to get the exact meal you want, but most restaurants are able to adapt to suit.

One example was in the week at the local the pub where I had Stilton & broccoli soup for starters, followed belly of pork with just the veggies alone. The meat was quite fatty (which helps) but the cream & Stilton in the soup boosted my fats fantastically.

You might not feel some meals are totally suitable but try & get close rather than give up. One example was Yo! Sushi!
I’m not a great fan of fishy sushi so I went for the Katsu curry. This normally comes with a ton of rice so I asked can I exchange the rice for vegetables- no! Can you just leave the rice off? No!
Ok can I order as it is & order some vegetables with it separately- yes!

I was very late eating one night and out and about so decided to look in the supermarket to grab something. I got some cooked chicken from the rotisserie, a pot of guacamole & a bottle of fizzy water & then sat in my van and ate it! Not amazing but it did the job!!

On the drive up to the weekend course, Tom & I stopped for a late lunch. I didn’t want to leave it till we got up there, as I didn’t want to get over hungry. The consensus was Kentucky fried chicken, because I thought protein & fat. I checked after & was surprised to see that each meat portion was 7 grammes of carbohydrates!!
I had 3 meat portions without chips & that obviously took me to over my 20g target for the day!! Oops!
The coating held much more than I thought – lesson learnt!

For breakfast at the hotel, luckily there was a help yourself cooked buffet. I had black pudding, bacon, scrambled egg (with butter), and some mushrooms & a tomato. Together with a cup of tea to wash it down with. I have one cup a day (for sanity)!
If you want it sweetened, stevia is the best option, as it doesn’t cause the same effect, as other sweeteners ie. the body thinking it’s sugar.

Interestingly the buffet that was provided for the seminar was only wraps & sandwiches! Rather than not eat, I chose the better wrap options that had protein, salad & some fat. Not ideal but it filled the void. I noticed my hunger returning from not having enough fats. I feel sure my carbs would have been higher for the day as a consequence, but rather than think, oh that’s it, blown it, I just went with it, knowing I would do better next meal.

So there you go, an insight into some eating out, although I will be researching a lot more to help those that are out & about.

This week, the 6th week, one more kg lost, equaling minus 6kg. More importantly the trousers are getting a little looser!

I’m still doing 2 whole body weights sessions, with the aim of keeping & improving muscle mass.

More feedback next week!

Best wishes