Ketogenic experiment wk7- fasting

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Ketogenic eating aside I thought I would write this week about fasting. Fasting can be used alongside ketogenic eating, as another weapon to quicken bodyfat loss & improve health.

Fasting is like like another tool out of your skills toolbox, useful when needed!

Most people will have heard of the 5:2 diet, where you eat relatively normal on five days of the week & then very low calorie <500 calories for the two other days. There are however other ways to consider fasting.

For some they might have an late breakfast and then an earlier evening meal. For others they might only have 2 meals instead of three over the day.
Fasting is about letting your body use what it has for fuel, rather than keep topping up the blood stream with regular eating.

It’s about decreasing the eating window from when you start eating early in the day (literally a break-fast) to your last meal.
Closing the eating time will increase the time your body is in fasting mode. Eight hour eating windows appears to be recommended if possible.

I always used to say that breakfast was the most important meal of the day & to never skip it & also to eat little & often. Now that might help some, but science has indicated that fasting might be a more valuable tool in body compositional change.
It’s also worth mentioning that little & often eating can however help performance in topping up stores and providing valuable energy for activity.

I would say that it’s important for you experiment to see what you feel is best for you.
Using metabolic effect techniques, you would use your detective work to check hunger, energy & cravings (H.E.C) to see that they are in check!

For some it would definitely help, but for others it might signal a negative change the H.E.C. variables.

So delaying breakfast might get the body using it’s own stores but what impact might that have on later HEC? Food for thought! (Literally!)

Fasting has been done for centuries, so it’s not a fad, but recent research has shown lots benefits such as;
Improved blood sugars & insulin levels, more energy, reduced body inflammation, lowered cholesterol, increased growth hormone levels, and more recently some suggestion of cellular cleansing.

One aspect that I have found to be very useful is that it helps you understand real hunger as opposed to mood or situational hunger. Definitely worth experimenting for that alone. If you can get more ‘in tune’ with your body it’s another valuable tool for your toolbox!

My report back from this week is my energy levels have been a bit awry, together with some tiredness, but I have been exceptionally busy. Overall body weight has stayed the same but I do tend to find that as a pattern, which then follows loss.
Interestingly an old ‘dieting’ mentality started to creep back and I have been tempted to minimize eating amounts. I have learnt with myself I have to get the right balance, not too much or little.

Best wishes for another week!

Stuart 😊