stillness & the soul…

I have a number clients who are high achievers, business focussed, & have very busy work lives. Due to the nature of their job this  can impact on both home life & personal wellbeing.

Whilst at certain times it might help to have a blast workout, there are times when some well needed ‘down’ time is needed even more.

A lot of us feel pressure or stress & there is no doubting it’s impact on our overall health.

Some people cope with it by having a good outlook & physical release, whilst others don’t cope at all well & it can bring about a number of both physical & mental conditions.

Stress can actually be a positive thing, as to a lesser of greater extent we can thrive on a certain level. It’s when stress flows over in an uncontrollable manner, that it can have a negative impact.

So where am I going with this?

I heartily encourage you to listen & evaluate your own personal needs – to be mindful to use a very ‘on trend’ word.

Balance both movement & ‘stillness’. So yes be active by doing sports, fitness, & by moving as much as possible, but also balance that out with rest, recovery, meditation & ‘ just being.’

Sometimes when clients come in I can see that they are clearly ‘wired.’ Yes sometimes a high intensity workout might help but other times a restorative PT session is needed.

So I might do progressive muscle relaxation, where you tense & relax through the major muscle groups with soothing music & relaxed breathing. Other times I might just do partner stretching to release muscle tension or use foam roller & tennis ball to release pressure points.

Clearly it’s doing whatever helps you at that moment & being aware of your own needs at that time.

I encourage you to take some time this week to quieten the mind, be still, & focus just on ‘being.’ This sounds  quite simple but actually how often do you do it?

The power of doing this cannot be under estimated. Be still. Connect with yourself.

Best wishes

Stuart 😊