This lady can!

Exercising into your eighties and nineties – does that sound like an impossibility?

It isn’t, and hopefully, as we are living in a country with an ageing population, we will see more and more older people staying active, and participating in games and sports. ¬†There is plenty of research documenting people aged over 80 starting weight lifting programmes and increasing their muscle mass, older people maintaining their strength and ability to remain independent, increasing longevity and having a quality of life they cherish.

We all have relatives of older age and we should encourage them to get involved in activities suitable for their capacity, whether it be walking, playing tennis or bowls or riding a stationary bike. It’s never too late to start exercise, as long as one starts at an appropriate level and builds from there.

Here, as an illustration of what can be achieved, this is my mum, aged 87, completing a full plank for 30 seconds.  (She has some kyphosis, which is not surprising for her age). She willingly volunteered by the way! In the spirit of the This Girl Can campaign, This Lady Can!

And, if you have a spare minute, here is my Dad, aged 80, doing a one leg balance rather well, while still chewing on his apple!