Lasting change! A new path!

imageThis is going to be a very hard post for me to do. I’ve backed out of doing it loads, but the time has come to move on & confront my fears. If it inspires even one person to change, then it’s been worth it.

As a personal trainer, there is an expectation to be at peak fitness, peak shape, ALL the time.
I have done this through my life, but peaked for it. (I once had a six pack, before it was fashionable, much to my kids amusement!)

Now, of course I am a personal trainer, but I’m also human- I’m not infallible!

Sometimes it’s easy for life to get in the way of what you want to achieve. You know, everyday family life & work, that just zaps up time & resources. It’s a reality that sometimes ‘stuff’ just gets in the way, your focus dwindles & you allow personal issues to disrupt.

I must admit sometimes that happens to me. Shock, horror.

And whilst I consider myself a positive, happy go lucky guy, I’m human.

So where is this leading?

Last year I entered an international competition for 200 people online to bring about change in themselves. The focus was to see how much you could physically change by following an exercise & food plan.
You had to weigh & measure & track your food & exercise.
Nothing new there really, except the idea is to test & learn what works for you as an INDIVIDUAL.

So not a generic plan where everybody does the same, but a loose structure, where you do your detective work to find what REALLY works.

This scheme was a test protocol, with lots of trial & error, (it’s important to fail to know what DOES or DOESNT work), with the results published in a book out this year.

So after 12 weeks, we sent in all our final pictures & measurements.

I was extremely happy with my personal change & had learned such a lot about myself & importantly new results based dietary adjustment & exercise methods.

Competition aside, I had achieved a lot by going through the process.

So when I checked the top 3 chosen on the results day, it really was the icing on the cake that I won overall.

I think it’s very much a personal journey, & one that I’m very much still on. I want to share it. It’s REAL.

I feel by going through struggles, failing & then picking yourself up, you learn a lot about the real you. I think it makes me worthy of helping others by going through that process.

I LOVE helping others change & improve & I would welcome helping you on my continuing journey…..