Lesson 11- Perseverance pays off!



Two life experiences just this week that show that perseverance pays off!

We had some fantastic personal news this week- we found our cat who was missing for a total of 4 weeks!!
We spent a lot of time with social media, ringing contacts, posters, going out calling & looking most nights, following up leads – in all a LOT of effort – but it worked!
After someone said they thought they spotted him, we checked the new area & called for him & to our amazement he came!

Now why am I telling you this? How does this relate to fitness & health – one word – perseverance!



persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


We didn’t give up, we put sustained effort in to find him, we were resolute, we had the belief that it was going to happen, we were prepared to put the effort in to get the effort out.

We had the stamina to continue & the
tenacity to see it through!

My second example is from one of my clients at the gym.
Over the year I’ve been training this young lad to achieve a much lower body fat & get his ‘six – pack’. He had been working towards his holiday & has now gone with his goal well & truly reached. I’m very happy because I’d helped him achieve it through exercise & diet, but it was only done by sheer determination & yes you’ve guessed it – perseverance!
He set himself a goal but made sure he kept focussed over the 5 months it took him. He forfeited nights out, he kept track of all his eating & adjusted accordingly, & he trained hard throughout. There were some testing moments & personal issues but he stuck to his guns & set out exactly what he has wanted to do! Bravo! 😊

My question is are you using these same skills towards your chosen health & fitness goals ?