Life hack #3 – keep your body guessing!


The body gets used to the same routine – similar foods eaten in the same rotation, same type of exercises done in the same manner, it pays to change things up!

Obviously if your routine is working for you it would be crazy to change it!
Look out however for longer term plateaus, stagnation and boredom!

For cardio exercise try something totally different – if you are doing inside try outside, if you are dry land try water based activities. Try to find a new class or skill to challenge you differently!
Use high intensity or intervals and change the rest and recovery protocols. 30/30, 45/15, 40/10, etc

For resistance try changing repetition ranges- rather than 8-12 try low rep strength, try high reps like a circuit style or metabolic chains. Try a split resistance programme where you don’t train the whole body in one workout. If you are used to machines try free weights. Use suspension trainers or fitballs. Use resistance tubing or body weight. There are many options!!

Your body can get used to the same foods. Try playing around with your macros – carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Try changing the amount of meals you have. Try different fasts- 5/2, shortening your eating window.
Interestingly if you eat the same foods all the time you increase the propensity to feed the same gut bacteria. Try different foods to feed different bacteria, especially yoghurt cultures, and fermented foods.

I think you get the picture!

One of the big problems with people not getting results is because they are doing exactly the same thing all the time, and expecting great adaptation to take place. The body needs to be challenged in a way that evokes change!

Best wishes