My life lessons over the year….


The first of the lessons I have learnt each week from a personal & professional level, at home & at work. The aim is to not only provide useable information for your own purpose but hopefully provoke thought in your own life.

Lesson 1;  Eat for your purpose

This week I was going over a clients food & activity log, who wants to change her body composition.
Whilst basically her food plan was healthy with good nutrients it wasn’t necessarily set up for fat loss. It made me think of my recent conference where they compared a granola & orange juice breakfast vs a ‘fat loss’ breakfast. The orange juice was full of fruit sugars causing a quick blood sugar spike. The granola whilst having some good nutrients was both high in both sugar & oil. The aim is to keep quick acting high glycemic sugars low – so that wasn’t helping! The alternative for the same calories was a 1 yolk 3 egg white omelette with mushrooms & tomatoes, & a small bowl porridge oats with few berries & a big glass of water.
So you can, in affect, eat more & still lose fat- by just eating the right food! The satiety effect must be considered here too – the latter breakfast will keep you fuller for longer whilst I’d guarantee you’d be hungry within an hour or two of the former!
I would encourage a protein biased breakfast over a (carbs) carbohydrate (toast or cereal) any day!
Interestingly enough, what you eat for breakfast can affect the rest of the day’s eating too. Carbs can get you to crave even more carbs! You still need some, but not as much as most people consume!

Lesson 2: A trouble shared is a trouble halved
A family chat this week made me realise that whether you are young or old, just letting somebody else know what’s troubling you can help make you feel a load better. Whether it be a fitness/health or personal issue, having somebody listening & understanding does help tremendously. As a trainer I hear lots of client issues on many different levels. (Yes, it is true, probably a lot more than I should know!)
It’s really important that I have effective listening skills & empathy with my clients. Small issues bottled up can fester & eat away at you & affect focus. If you have any issues I’m hoping you have that somebody you can tell all too?

Lesson 3: Be mindful of the NOW

With my eldest finishing her GCSEs this week, so comes a new chapter in her life. It reminded me too that life does seem to fly by without even noticing!
I was reminiscing to a client a while back about when my lot where little. The toys scattered over the house seemingly covering every square inch of surface. The dressing up box with all the outfits & all the little plays they would put on. Not forgetting the endless tea parties with the plastic pretend food & the play cooker that made boiling/gurgling water noises!
I feel sure these things seemed a little bit all encompassing at times, but when I look back & reflect now, I miss them.
So what’s the message here? Sometimes we are so busy planning our future and looking ahead that we don’t live for the moment. I am going to try my hardest to live in the moment & be mindful of the now.

More life lessons next week!
Best wishes
Stuart 😊