Life is too short…….


The picture above is from one of my favourite films – the shawshank redemption (and incidentally one of my favourite actors – Morgan Freeman).

The caption says – ‘you either get busy living or get busy dying’.

The film gives a poignant incite into life choices & I think is very thought provoking into how people make the best of life, in a difficult situation. Now whilst I’m not hoping to end up being incarcerated anytime soon (!) it certainly makes you think about life & your own personal journey.

Life in prison is obviously extremely restrictive, but in the freedom we have in ‘normal’ life, are we making the best of it?! Recent personal experiences have made me think about just that.

What do you want from life? Are you actually focussing on what you want to achieve? Are you ‘living’ or merely just surviving?

Within your fitness & wellness goals are you doing enough & putting enough focus to actually achieve what you want? Or are you going through the movements?

Life is a balance & you have to weigh up how much effort is needed to attain a goal. Does it mean enough for you to put a stronger weighting or focus? Invariably this means reassigning more effort on the goal & less elsewhere.

Somewhere in the ‘fire-fighting’ of life, it pays to ‘sit out’ for a little while & evaluate your purpose & direction & give it the attention it deserves……