I had a little message sent over to me this week from my lovely aunt Sal.
She was having a sort out and came across the very photograph you see in this blog.
It’s a beautiful shot of my mum and dad captured in the throws of a kiss, and fully encapsulates their love and devotion for each other.
I look at the photo with both happiness and sadness. Happiness because it reminds me of that era and the good times had, but sadness too.
Sad because little did they know at that point how different life would be for them both.
Mums cruel illness has all but taken the very core out of her and now dad unfortunately has the same fate.
So where am I going with this?
That you never know what’s coming up in life and that you must truly embrace it,
don’t wait.
Do what your heart tells you to.
Take chances,
Do whatever you can to really say you’ve wholeheartedly lived life to the very best of your ability.
We all have this amazing gift of life but can you deep down say you’ve truly LIVED it?
Until next week