Life’s beautiful journey….


After having a challenging couple of weeks I thought I’d write about my observations. I’ve actually struggled to write and missed two weeks of blogs, as my heads been a bit mushy.

Il make no bones about it, it helps to share this as a cathartic process. I am however doing this so it might help others, going through similar thoughts, to get some solace.

It’s true what they say about life being a roller coaster. Whilst I love the thrill and euphoric aspect of the up part of life, I suppose you must experience the downs to appreciate what you have got, and to be aware of the contrast.

Whilst I can’t say I particularly enjoy the down aspect of life, I do feel it definitely makes you a stronger person.
Strength in adversity, so they say.

So whilst the firefighting and stress might appear a negative, it does test your inner resolve and helps you to find your deeper self, that perhaps you didn’t even know was there.

When you hear of people with terminal illness and life being so fragile, it definitely makes me think of my own mortality.

I always try and live for the day and look at the positive. I can’t say i get it right always, but I certainly try my hardest to look at the good in the bad, no matter how testing life becomes.

So, what I’m trying to say is, how you perceive or frame a situation can make a big difference as to how you and others feel about it.

Exactly the same situation can be looked at very differently by different people. Something good always comes out of something bad, even if you don’t notice it at that time.

Life is a precious commodity, in fact THE most precious one.

Whilst thinking and caring about others it’s an easy thing to let your own health and wellness diminish. It’s something I’ve realized I’ve done and I’m actioning on it right now.

Whilst I always think about others, often before myself, I’ve realised I have to start putting myself first, for my own health and wellness, but also so I’m in a better position to help others.

So if you find yourself in a similar position, believe that some things happen for a reason.
You might not know that reason at the time, but it’s a valuable life lesson nonetheless.

Know that your situation will improve, and whilst it might take time, understand it’s part of your beautiful life journey.

Best wishes



P.S. the photo is of my amazing dad who has dedicated  many of these hard last few years in caring for my beautiful mum. As mums needs are so great now she has to go into a high level care home.