Optimal wellness 💪🏼💥



This picture is taken from my perspective as I’m sat down on the downs in Bristol, after a lovely sunny short walk, taking in the fresh spring air and the last of the days warm rays.
How life affirming!

One of my acts towards getting myself back more wellness, is getting out more in the fresh air and walking. Not even power walking, just take in all the surroundings, enjoying life, e-a-s-y strolling- which is a very much underestimated activity on many levels.

I’ve got to admit, I think for many years I’ve felt guilty at the thought of putting myself first, as I was always taught to put others first.
I’ve realised I’m fooling myself. I need to have a high level of wellness to function at my best and to be able to be my best for others.

I’ve heard a few stories this week from clients of friends and family with terminal disease. I think this and my own family situation, has made me think much more about the importance of taking care of number one.

I think that, and my 50th birthday looming next year, has also really made me think very carefully, about my own health and mortality.

Let’s face it whilst I think il be ok to carry on for a few years – I want to make sure I have good health, wellness and am capable of living life as I wish.

As an investment it’s the best one I can make. What’s money, when you don’t have optimal health?

So this means I want to tackle all those factors that I’ve put off for a while. Those aches, niggles and little things that you kind of live with, but really shouldn’t.

Is this the same for you?
Do you have health issues that you’ve ignored or put on the back burner?
Have you thought ah, well there’s loads of time?
Have you kept putting stuff off that ultimately can improve your life immeasurably?


Health and wellness can take on many levels but I’m thinking holistically which means considering all my physical and mental capabilities.


I sat down this week and tried to write just some of the most salient areas, that need to be considered.

Here’s the list- My,

Functional and effective movement,
Mental health and sharpness
Dietary needs now I’m older, including gut flora,
Exercise and activity levels,
Sleep patterns,
Working hours,
Leisure time,
Rest and recuperation,
Spouse time,
Family time,
Holidays and breaks away.


It’s not a definitive list but it’s a big part of areas to consider of factors affecting overall wellness.


All of these things impact majorly on my overall wellbeing, and I encourage you to look at these too.


Is there an imbalance? 

Have you ignored certain areas?

If you were to fill out a pie chart what would it look like within these areas?


Not just food for thought, but many other levels of thought.

Best wishes


P.S.  Thankyou SO much for all your kind messages and support from last weeks blog. It was very much appreciated.