My 38 year love affair….


It’s funny, that with my own training over the years, I’ve done many forms of different physical training, in either a move to just challenge myself differently or to keep things mixed up.

Your body can get used to the same routine, so it’s not only a nice change, but also in your best interests, to keep your body guessing.

Despite being a gym instructor or PT I didn’t always feel like training, I think that’s only human. Some of the best training sessions I’ve done have been when I’ve not been in the mood and thought, oh well, I’ll just start something.

I often get asked what the best exercise is, and generally I’ll say, it’s the one you will do! (consistently).

For me personally though, weights have been my go to.

I’ve always had a love affair with weights, ever since I was 12, and I bought my first set of Joe Weider plastic sand filled weights.

I enjoyed the feeling of pushing and pulling and overcoming the resistance, and then seeing how my body changed.

Currently though, I’m training,a bit more professionally, squatting an Olympic bar across my back, levering cast metal discs, pressing dumb bells above my head, and wheeling cables through pulleys, in a bodybuilding gym.

It really feels like home again, and I’ve missed it.

I’ve missed that fantastic feeling of the post exercise pump and that satisfying feeling of post training soreness, knowing you’ve worked.

It’s about finding what works for you and what you will do. It’s been very interesting to see the prevalence of resistance training over the years. Once a sole bastion of bodybuilders and athletes but now done by the masses.


Because it’s extremely effective and changing your body shape, revving up the metabolism, making you faster, stronger and more able to perform.

I have gone back to my roots at a gym that has literally tonnes of machines, dumb bells, plates and bars and only two CV machines!!

Just by training in a new environment it has really ‘lifted’ my training regime – literally!

So if you don’t already, definitely incorporate weights within your regime, and try out a different training programme or even a new environment, to sky rocket your goals and enjoyment.

Best wishes