Love, Gratitude and Wellness

Earlier this week I popped in to see my lovely mum & dad.

When Mum saw me her facial expression lit up & you could see she was trying her hardest to smile. I could see it in her eyes that she was smiling though. Just that little glimmer of the old mum gave me great joy. I certainly felt like she recognised me. Little pleasures.

Being loved & loving others has a huge impact on your own wellbeing & I believe it’s something that can be taken for granted. We all like to be loved but how often is it actually conveyed?

With our busy lives it’s all too easy not to let those closest know exactly how you feel, or to let them know you appreciate all that they do.

In my younger years I don’t think I really fully appreciated all what my parents did for me. It’s only on reflection that I’ve realised this. I really hope I was able to convey all my sentiments to my mum, so that she understands how much I really appreciated her & what it meant.

Even now with busy family life it can be easy to let those around you do things for you and it not even register into the conscious mind. The problem then of course is not giving the gratitude that the tasks deserve, especially those closest who give unconditional love.

To my children I would just like them to be grateful for all they have and receive. Gratitude is a very positive trait & one I try to instil within. Too often it’s easy to blame external factors for issues where in fact the answer lies from within.

Best wishes