Love / Hate….

Man with (fake) Love and Hate tattoos on his hands.

Going off track, it happens sometimes, even to me, and please understand it’s only human for it to happen, we are not all super heroes! (Well mostly not 😉)

Why does this happen? What can you do?

In lasts weeks blog, I wrote about carrying on with your goal journey, despite barriers/pitfalls along the way!

The trick to it really is learning the best ways of getting up, dusting off, dealing with the issues, and then carrying on!

Some might be temporary issues, others long term. Both need to be worked on!

But let’s try and understand why it might happen?

I’m going to go through my own personal thinking here, in a way to help you understand one process.

When I’m totally focussed on my goal, I don’t deviate, I’m ON it, like a car bonnet! (As they say!)

But, more recently I had a little set back.

Currently i’d say I’m really affected by my mental status, grieving has a part in this, but also a continuing issue about how I feel about myself.

I have to be honest here, and as hard as it is to write it, sometimes, I just hate myself.

It’s something I’ve been working on for years & am continually working on, but I know for me it’s linked to self confidence.

Sometimes, I have it, other times not, but what I have learnt over time, is that it can really affect goal achievement.

From the academic papers I’ve read, self care/love status can have a huge impact on overall wellness & attaining goals.
i.e. what you think of yourself and whether you think you can achieve your goals.

Just like will power, and just like a battery, for me, self confidence can wain. I have learnt over time that a number of things boost that battery right up, namely;

•Personal relationships in a good state – close family and friends- ‘feeling loved’.

•Good nutrition to feed my body

•Keeping negative stress to a minimum

•Enough activity and exercise to boost endorphins

•Supplements taken to support me

•Adequate sleep, rest and recovery

•Being aware of how I feel and being able to action upon it

•The right balance of work and play – planning time out, alone and social time

•Managing tiredness, so that I don’t eat excessively to pick up energy

•Some intermittent fasting

•Getting out in the fresh air, walking

I think it’s important to look at the reasons WHY you are doing what you are doing! Some people self sabotage here, but I will save that for a future blog!

Be clear what it is you want, what you need to do, and why specifically you are doing it.

I feel it’s more powerful to have an intrinsic reason, that really means something to you. Try to tap into the inner reasoning behind what you are doing.

Writing these reasons down is a powerful tool to help resonate.

I’ve realised I’ve been limiting myself in a number of ways, but as I want to live a healthy and prosperous latter part of my life, I will need to action more!

Whenever there is illness or death around me, it always makes me think of my own mortality and that, as sad as that can be, is a gift.

An awakening.

It’s a little reminder that life’s short, not take it for granted, and to make the best of every day – despite the obstacles!

Until next week, I hope you are able to write out and find your own inner reasonings and keep your battery well and truly topped up!

Best wishes