Lovely Jubbly!

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Thank you to all you lovely people who have written a Google review for us recently. We really appreciate it.

There is still time to write your review before we make the draw for the wonderful bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne (pictured). We are due to make the draw next Wednesday 30th November.

If you need a bit of guidance as to how to write a Google review, here are some details which should help:

Type in Bristol personal trainer / training into a Google search

·      Find which appears in the boxed area under the map on page one. Underneath the title Personal Space there are 5 stars, then a number in brackets and if you click on this it takes you to the Google Review area, where you can click on ‘write a review’. It is possible that you need to have a googlemail account to do this, but we’re not sure. 

·      Write your review.

Thank you so much.

We will announce the lucky winner after next Wednesday.

Lisa 🙂