Making the most of it

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Notwithstanding the heartache that Covid-19 is producing, the awful worry it is causing, the huge impact it is having on our life as we know it, I think we can make the most of the enforced free time. I took the above pic yesterday when out on a solo bike ride through country lanes, in beautiful sunshine. I was taken by the gorgeous crocuses glimmering brightly as I sped / meandered past and I just had to stop and take it in.

This week the weather has been beautiful and it has been easy to be outside in the garden and taking exercise in the woods and hills surrounding us. Next week may be more difficult as the weather looks set to be colder and cloudier, but we must still take advantage of being together as a family more, spend time playing indoor games, watching films and getting outside when we can.

I am trying to stay positive, be grateful for what we have. Enjoy simple things like spending time cooking, slow life down, and get used to the fact that my hair-style is going to deteriorate into an overgrown mess or a hacked-at botch job.

I hope you all stay fit and well, and make the most of the situation we may be in for a few months yet.

Lisa 🙂