Tough decisions…..


Decisions. We make many throughout each day, mostly even without it being seemingly conscious.

We may feel compelled to go in one direction or another, BUT, It is nevertheless, a choice you can make, to go either way.

The power is in your hands.

The reason I write about this, is that this week I had to make a very heart wrenching decision, but thankfully in collusion with a Doctor, a Matron, a Care home official and a Social worker.

It was to not allow any further medical intervention, to extend my mums life.
I had already decided this previously, but it had to be officially signed off.

Obviously this a very emotive decision, and not all decisions are of this magnitude.

In the context of the progression of her Alzeimers and how little of the ‘real’ mum is left, then the decision, no matter how hard, had to be weighted in one direction.

Regardless of this, it is still a weighing up of the pros and cons, and an educated decision based on the potential outcome.

And this leads me to you, the reader, and making your own salient decisions.

Your own path, your direction and goals are all within in your own power to choose.

Often when making a big decision we consider many barriers that are against our decisions, and then we might wait for the right moment.

I can tell you now, there’s never really an optimal time.


There’s always going to be something going against a major decision.

One of the biggest decisions in my life was whether to go self employed or not.

At the time I had a very safe job, earning a respectable income with a training organisation, running courses and doing NVQ assessing and verifying.

Bring in the equation of my wife, two young kids, a mortgage and other financial commitments, and you can see, it was no light decision.

I must say though, it was one of, if not THE best decisions, I’ve ever made.

I love my job, and I love being able to help clients improve and change for the better.

A risk? – yes!
A weighing up of options plus or minus? – yes!
Worth the gamble? – absolutely!

With the impending new year and the potential resolutions, which decisions will you make, and with what associated risks?

I look forwards to hearing all the your stories….

Best wishes