Man vs Mood!


I will make no secret of the fact I’ve been struggling with my mood lately. Whilst I try and give myself a good talking too, it doesn’t always work!

So in my self talk I’m like “ right Stuart, you cannot carry on like this, something needs to change! Right! Get the food back on track!

Cue change.

With fluctuating moods and energy it’s much harder to stay on the line you want. It’s easy to eat quick pick me up foods, and have a drink such as coffee or tea, or another caffeinated beverage, to try a get you over the hump.

I have previously used food as a bit of a crutch / mood lifter, but as they say, what comes up must come down!

From what I’ve read, to help level moods, you need level energy, that means;
good nutrition, a balance of movement/exercise and sleep/rest and recovery.

So what can help you to keep more ‘even’ moods?

Vitamin D – most people are deficient (even in hotter climates) . I take a high potency buccal spray one. It increases Serotonin is a natural mood lifter. Depressed peoples Serotonin is found to be low.

Reduced refined/processed foods- additives and chemicals aside, they can elevate blood sugars giving highs and proceeding lows.

Eating the right carbohydrates- lower white sugars, more fibrous vegetables like carrots, kale, beetroot, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes , etc
It’s not always the right thing to cut out carbohydrates but just eat the right ones for you!

Moving and exercising – getting those mood enhancing endorphins fired up. General movement and walking, right up to high intensity intervals, can all create an effect.

Protein – can be useful combined with other foods as it helps to slow the release of blood sugars in the blood stream.

Good fats – omega 3’s from things like walnuts, oily fish, some seeds, etc
Obviously in preference you want to eat sources but there also some very convenient bottled fish oils available.

Healthy microbiome/gut flora – we have already discussed getting the right balance with a good quality pro biotic supplement, eating fermented foods, and minimising excessive stress.

Mediterranean diet – a diet of balanced eating of nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish, etc
This provides a good range of nutrients to tick many boxes!

Careful of the caffeine – some people are sensitive to its effect in coffee, tea, coke etc and it can ‘spike energy’ and some cause anxiety and insomnia. This obviously has a knock on affect to how you are feeling.

This week I have been back fasting, with no snacking and eating cleaner and I cannot believe how much better I feel again! Not just physically but mentally – wow! brighter, sharper and definitely much more ‘lifted’.

Here’s to an even brighter and sunnier bank holiday weekend!
Here’s to your moods being elevated to greater levels!

Best wishes