Master your metabolism!


I’ve been helping a number of clients this week with establishing a longer term approach to improved overall health and a better body composition.

It’s an antithesis to boom and bust, quick fix, and other such common ways of change. Of course the former can work, but what about the results over time? Are they sustainable?

There is something very motivational about rapid improvements/losses but is it a model for longer lasting change?

On social media, TV, papers and books we are bombarded with pictures of before and afters, and notifications of how quick a celebrity got back in shape just 6 weeks postpartum.

The world we live in dictates everything be done at speed- instant gratification, the must have, right now, cannot wait!

I too have been caught up in this cycle and have realised that a long term lifestyle approach is the ONLY way for continuous wellness.

Those that want to change health, fitness and their body are constantly looking for a secret method or solution. That special diet that ‘melts’ fat, the latest fat burning foods, but in fact there ISN’T any. I repeat THERE ARE NOT ANY SECRET METHODS! (As much as the media would want you to believe).

We can use science and learning to find out what might work, but eventually you have to find what works for YOU. Not somebody off TOWIE, or even that girl at the gym, but using your own detective work to master your very own unique, individual, metabolism.

Best wishes