Meditation – why do it?

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My friend and I had a discussion about meditation this week, something that I currently don’t do and that she swears by. I asked if she would write a short blog on why she does it, and here is what she says:

“I started meditating about 6 months ago on a random basis for about 20 minutes once a day. It has now had such a positive impact upon my life that I now meditate twice a day for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

I needed something which would help me to quieten my mind and encourage me to be in the moment. I have worked in sport, health and fitness for over 30 years and thus I have always had a healthy appetite for exercise, quality sleep, rest and healthy eating but felt there was something missing. I now realise that meditation was the missing link.

I entered the menopause 2 years ago and felt that my hormones were out of balance. Hot flushes, short temper, fatigue and poor sleep were common and thus I needed to become more self aware. Through meditation I have become more grounded, balanced, calm and energetic.

I enjoy primordial meditation from Deepak Chopra so much that I am now training to be a teacher. There are lots of free meditations that you can access online and it only takes 21 days for meditation to become habitual…. It will change your life.:)  Here is a link to free guided meditation sessions with Deepak Chopra 

Having clearly a huge impact on my friend’s life, meditation could help so many of us.

Lisa 🙂