Milk – which type is best?

personal trainer, bristol

There are many plant based milks on the market today, such as almond, soya, oat and coconut.

I read an interesting comparison of these milks to cow’s milk, and discovered happily that we are drinking the one that suits us best in terms of fat content and protein. Everyone is different though, and even if you are not intolerant of cow’s milk there are other reasons why you might prefer plant based milk. We have a higher fat, moderate protein, lower carb diet, so for us, high fat content in our milk and yoghurt is important. Clearly, saturated fat is still a contentious issue, but that could be for another blog! In our house, high fat butter, cheese, milk and yoghurt are a staple.

Here are the differences in protein, fat, calcium and vitamin D between various plant based milks and cow’s milk, as sourced by IDEA Fitness. Click on the table to enlarge it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 13.52.57


Whichever type of milk you choose, there are definite health benefits to including it in your diet. I have even  read that drinking milk is associated with the maintenance 0f significant body fat loss.

Which will you choose?

Lisa 🙂