Mind your language!

When I write my weekly blogs I write them to make a difference to somebody’s life. We are all bombarded with so much information all the time, I don’t want to write reams about the subject . Ideally I want it to be just enough material to be thought provoking & to make a difference, even if small, to your own life.

My thoughts this week turn to internal processing & belief systems. Just this week I had a prospective client that came in to see me for an initial chat. It was fascinating listening to her & hearing her life story. (It’s an area I never tire of because we all have interesting lives in one way or another).

I’m always interested in the language which people use as its a strong indicator of how they process information, the parameters which they set themselves & their systems of belief. Quite often, without realising it, we set ourselves barriers which can limit or hold us back.

Language such as – I’ve always been big, my metabolism is shot, I’ve never been confident,
I’ll never be able to do it, etc can ‘encase’ you to ensuring further progress.

Be aware of the language you use on yourself, as these bold statements can create barriers to achieving what you really want. We can obviously hold more positive beliefs too, but be aware of those that are impeding your progress.

Self talk – the way you internally talk to yourself is another area to consider in changing positively. Be aware of negative self talk – the ‘you are rubbish at that’ & ‘give up’ type talk can be seriously debilitating.
Try listening to yourself for a day & be aware of how this affects you. One positive way of dealing this is to question what you are saying!
Who says this? Why should I believe this? Is this actually correct?

I encourage you to try this, even for a short period. Question the negative beliefs, be aware of your own belief systems & see how much more you achieve!

Best wishes