Mindmaps and my skin!!


Well, as you can imagine Personal Space is getting much busier already this month, with very focussed existing clients, and ultra keen new enquiries!! (Despite all the illness currently around!)

I say, don’t get too het up if you haven’t quite got your act into gear on the goal setting front yet.

Careful, realistic planning makes a huge impact on your attainable goals.

I’m still planning for this whole year because there’s no real rush.

It’s quite common now for people to disagree with doing New Years resolutions, only because they are notorious for non attainment and failure.

Whilst this can be true for some, I actually think that it can be a good time to plan ahead, IF done right.

I like the idea of a new year, fresh start.

Of course this can be done at anytime, but a new year, some how for me , seems to wipe the slate clean to create a new platform to work and achieve from.

My goals for this year focus purely on health improvement, so obviously this encompasses many aspects.

Previous years have really focused on body composition improvements, namely fat loss and muscle gain. Whilst this might happen still with a health focus, it’s not my main focus.

Personally, when I’m thinking of a multi pronged approach to improving health, I do a simple mind map/spider diagram. (I’ve included it in the picture heading of this blog to give you an idea).

Quite a simple process, but I find it creates salient areas, which I can then expand upon.

Each area can then in turn create other spin off factors, that remind me of what’s important for me to change.

Once this is done I create a starting point by listing most important changes necessary for each area.

For example, on my mind map I’ve put one area of health improvement as my skin.

You might think this is quite a simple one but when you actually think about what affects good skin quality, you will see it has huge implications to overall health.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore it is affected by many things, but can also be a good indicator of underlying health issues.

Areas to work on are; I have psoriasis on my scalp and patches on my body, together with dry skin patches. I have had skin cancer previously and I’m going to book a skin check on a few moles for peace of mind.

Skin health is affected by overall nutrition and supplementation. So within my health plan I am banning any processed/refined foods and minimizing sugars, eating a range of ‘good fats’, increasing water intake, taking vitamin D and Curcumin, and probiotics.

Curcumin is the active compound of Turmeric. When I went to a conference and learnt about its benefits, I was blown away.
Not only does it have anti oxidant abilities but it has anti inflammatory affects and skin healing properties.

Something as simple as water can hydrate and help get nutrients to the skin. Lisa bought me a fizzy water soda stream, to encourage my to reduce plastic from all my bottles! (Win-win!)

Skin is affected by exercise and movement!
Blood flow helps nourish and send nutrients to those areas worked.

I’ve told many about the benefits of probiotics and the gut biome. This too has benefits for great skin! (Amongst many other things)

Vitamin D I take as an under the tongue spray (buccal). It helps to regenerate, repair and help it’s immune system. We could all benefit as most people (especially in the UK) do not get enough from sun exposure.

After much research I have also bought a natural topical cream, that is supposed to really help with psoriasis- so we shall see if this helps!

Lastly and by no means least- stress. This can have major implications for overall health and not just skin. It’s been a stressful 2018, so I know I need to apply R & R, mindfulness and plan ahead for both work and play.

So hopefully you can see that even by focusing on one element – skin- it will have major health benefits for my overall health as a by product!

I wish you luck with all your goals this year. Remember to ensure they are realistic and sustainable, and to take one step at a time.

Best wishes