Wow! What an interesting period of time I’ve had over the last month.
Categoric proof that what you eat has a profound effect on overall mental status!

Over the last month I hadn’t followed my ketogenic eating as religiously as the rest of the year. And what an effect that had!

When the workload and life pressures build up, food is an easy crutch to use, to try and lift spirits and energy.

I’ve had previous cycles of eating where I eat quick fix,‘pick me ups’ through a day, that are generally higher in sugars. These, in theory, give me a boost in energy or at least try and satisfy some mental centres somewhere.

What I, actually have found is an energy roller coaster, where more is needed to satisfy, and then slumps of tiredness and then what I can only describe as a mental ‘fog’.

This can manifest itself as a depressive feeling, sometimes anxiety and what I can describe as a negative outlook – which is so, NOT, me!


It obviously gives initial pleasures but I have to say the long term effects are really not healthy for me both physically, with fat gain, but especially my mental health and overall wellness.


Food for a lot of people is comfort. For me there are a lot of positive connotations linked to food. Ice cream at my nans with home made toffee sauce, fish and chips at the seaside, even the famous selection box from under the Christmas tree. (Which incidentally would be the first thing opened!).

All, are inextricably linked to positive emotions and good times, so it’s no wonder food gives instant solace.

The issue is not stopping yourself from having these foods but managing it and not going overboard. It very much depends on what type of person you are, but my sometimes addictive nature can make it hard to control aspects.


SO, back I go on the ketogenic eating fully and I’ve brought in the full supplementation plan that was designed by Phil Richards after my full spectrum blood test.

After 3 days only!!! – OMG! – much better mental clarity, energy returning back to normal, mood lifted, feeling better all over, aches and pains diminished and better quality sleep!!!

You would have thought I’d taken a magic potion, it’s such a night and day difference!

I think it helps to know what makes you tick, understanding what ‘works’ for you or doesn’t. We are all different with differing needs,so go detective to find your personal pathway.

Next week I will show in detail my supplement plan and why I’m taking what I’m taking!

Best wishes