More or less exercise in lockdown – which is it with you?

At this unusual time you may be indulging in much more exercise than normal or you may be so busy that you haven’t as much time as you’d like to exercise. It’s different for us all.

I hope that if you are one of the lucky ones and find yourself with free time then you might be using it to engage in an activity that is not normally on your list. Have you started a new fitness habit, such as cycling? Or maybe you have been walking every day, enjoying the solitude.

Personally I find that when I lack time, the strength side of exercise is missed, in favour of running, because it’s easier to motivate myself to do that. However, strength (or more specifically, power, which is a combination of strength and speed) is crucial to maintain, and is the most important fitness parameter to sustain as it has the highest impact on independent living through ageing. I won’t go into the complete list of the benefits of strength training as I’m sure you know them all already. Suffice to say, make the effort to ‘pump some iron’ and you won’t regret it.

If you have neglected your strength routine now could be the ideal time to get back on track with it. Resistance exercises once a week will make a difference though twice a week is an ideal aim. One or two sets of 8-15 reps using the major muscles of the body is sufficient for strength gains. Stu and I have posted various routines on our blogs over the years that you can sample.

Maybe test your upper body strength with a maximum press up score (if appropriate) and retest after one month of strength training. You might be surprised what improvement you’ve made.

Lisa 🙂