Motivational Impetus- getting what you REALLY want!

imageLesson 18- finding the right impetus

This picture shows a young boy with cerebral palsy, just completing his  first triathlon recently Рan immense achievement! It shows what is capable having the right motivation & focus.

This got me thinking about this week when I recieved some, not so good news, about a close friend. It made me think of how precious life is & how really it’s taken for granted a lot of the time.

Yes we have to plan for the future, & yes we must still function on our daily tasks but it also highlights how important it is to live for the day, live for that moment, make the most of every previous moment we have.
I’ve read incredible stories of human achievements after they have experienced a significant life event – a loved one dying, getting over a serious illness, or some catastrophic problem, but what actually changed within them?

What enabled them to do it then, but not before? They had it in them anyway, they just needed the impetus to bring about change!
So if you really want something, REALLY want something- what’s stopping you now?!

If you have a burning ambition to achieve something, be somebody or do something, believe in yourself & your ability that is innately within you already & make efforts towards that path. Each step no matter how small, is a step closer to your chosen goal.

Please click the link for just one story of an incredible human feat; an iron man triathlon, (tough enough a challenge), but with a massive twist, watch right till the end.

Best wishes
Stuart 😊