Move to the N.E.A.T!

We’ve been clearing out my mum and dads house this weekend, getting it ready to sell. 

What a workout! (Not only physically but mentally). 

Lifting, pushing, pulling, climbing, carrying!

With a garage full to the brim, a full roof space, big shed and a full house load – its a mammoth task! 

Never underestimate the effects of this type of work on fitness, steps and calorific expenditure- if that’s what your after! 

With my clients who want better body composition, it’s an often forgotten trick to evoke change. 

Not moving house, just moving more! 😆

I have a client who has done incredibly well but as often can happen, there was a bit of a plateau in achievement. 

She brought in walking whenever she could, and things started moving again. 

We often focus on the workout itself, which of course is important, but forget the effects of just moving more within your day. 

I have one client who does more than 12k steps, even without stepping a foot outside the house! 

So remember the term N.E.A.T – in science, this means, non exercise activity thermogenesis.

I layman’s terms it’s just all the activity you use up throughout the day, when not specifically exercising! 

Until next week, here’s to moving!