My top tea, manufactured at home

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My all time favourite tea is fennel. We have always bought fennel tea in bags but now I am excited to be making it at home, in 15 seconds flat per batch. Maybe it’s lockdown making me stupidly excited about little things, but this is really brilliant. This is a definite case of ‘Why on earth haven’t we done this before?’

There’s three things that make this discovery heaps better than buying it in bags :

Number one – it tastes amazing, number two – it’s at least four times cheaper, number three – no tea bags.

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How is it done? Buying fennel seeds from a deli (they are really cheap) using one paper bag, and grinding them in a spice grinder, which takes 15 seconds. Prepare the tea using only one teaspoon of the ground seeds in a teapot with a mesh seive inside. This makes tea for two.

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We have this beautiful light tea in the evening. There are some great claims made for fennel seeds in that they reduce asthma symptoms, help regulate blood pressure, reduce water retention, bloating, IBS, constipation and indigestion. This is only from a quick search I did online, so don’t quote me on those.

If you haven’t tried fennel tea before, give it a go in this environmentally friendly way, and prepare to be won over.

Lisa 🙂