Natures very own magic elixir!

Well, I had some fantastic news this week with my eldest passing her driving test – first time!

Just awesome!

It made me think about when I passed mine (all those years ago!) and suddenly it gave you so much more freedom! Such an amazing feeling to be able to do what you want & go where you want!

This got me thinking about about the freedom that fitness gives you. If you look at the main components, each one gives you an ability to achieve more with your daily life;

Cardiovascular fitness means you can have more endurance to keep going & are able to tackle obstacles with more ease.

Muscular strength & endurance means you have a higher ability to lift & carry, repeatedly if necessary.

Having  flexibility  means you can move more freely & have better range of motion to do tasks.

Certain types of activities also improve balance, power, agility & coordination. That’s a pretty impressive list of benefits!!

Keeping moving & including just some of these components of fitness regularly, actually brings about huge freedom – especially as you get older!
Try & be realistic with what’s personally achievable, but above all try & include just some activities, to ensure it makes a difference to your own life.

In a world where we are looking for shortcuts & magic elixirs, we have one right in front of us! 

Best wishes

Stuart 😊