New at Personal Space – One to one Vinyasa Yoga


This is Rowan Owen – Yoga instructor, who will be available at Personal Space from next week offering one to one Vinyasa Yoga lessons on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Yes, she is upside down, but normally she goes about upright!

Here is Rowan’s answer to the question What is Vinyasa Yoga?

‘To place in a special way’, simply by linking movement with breath. Be it sitting down on our mat, a chair or going through a full-on flow – we are finding stillness and control, ┬átherefore linking mind to body to breath.
I love Vinyasa because every time you step or sit on your mat your breath guides you and your body flows. My classes are based around the elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each flow designed for specific needs and different parts of the body or Chakras. A 1-2-1 class is designed around you for your own personal needs and goals.
Vinyasa originated from Hatha yoga and is the most popular form of yoga today and because it is breath initiated, the link from one posture to the next is just as important as the posture itself.
If you are someone who is right now thinking “I can’t even move from Downward facing Dog to a low lunge” take a step back – we learn and progress from sitting postures, even chair postures. I have seen nothing better than my dear old nan stuck in her chair working every inch of her tired body and feeling, happier, energised and clear headed, and at the ripe old age of 85! She can now stand up against the wall in Down Dog.
Rowan Owen Yoga