New Year exercise plans?


Happy New Year, fitness fans.

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season, and now feel ready to embark on 2017 with renewed vigour.

Have you made plans to increase the frequency of your exercise? It is tempting in this positive, sunny weather to propose overly optimistic increases in exercise, in the quest for a slimmer physique or to ‘get-fit-quick’ for a skiing trip. Although the sentiment is very laudable, I would suggest caution as to what is achievable. It is good to have a challenging goal, but I would say the most important factor is that it’s a realistic aim. Think you can run three times a week? Try once a week at a regular time, for a month, and if that becomes a habit then build from there. You will feel satisfied at having stuck to that and hopefully confident with adding another run in. Motivation is key to starting a regime, but forming a habit is the only way to continue it. Slowly but surely.

Good luck with your fitness endeavours for the year. Best wishes,

Lisa 🙂