Nicole and Jorge

Hello everyone,
Its Nicole here.

Just wanted to check in with you all personally and give you a bit of an update.
I appreciate the studio currently looks a bit bare and sad on the outside, but we are in the process of sorting out a new awning and some new window graphics too! I hope you will like the rebrand. We have decided to include the establishment date in our logo to honour the Personal Space brand and legacy.

I understand that some of you may be apprehensive about the changes going on here at PS, and that you may not feel comfortable with committing to training with us in the future. I completely understand that, therefore, Jorge and I will be offering consultations with us so that you can get to know us before the handover. To any current clients who may be interested in training with us, we would be happy to offer a discounted session as well, to help you test the waters and see if staying on with us at PS is the right thing for you.

We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and I have no doubts that Lisa and Stu will help us through that process in ensuring that we and you, are all comfortable.

Feel free to email us with any concerns, interests and ideas on what kind of blogs you’d like to see from us!

Best regards
Nicole x