“No chocolate at lunch, Mum”

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“No chocolate at lunch, Mum” said my son, reminding me of  my promise to reduce my calories. “Oh yes, you’re right, thanks” I say and sadly put the chocolate back in the cupboard. Both my boys have been most helpful in encouraging me to stick to my new dietary rules, and I’m starting to see the results.

During lockdown I’ve been having a teeny glass of red wine for health at lunch with two squares of dark chocolate after the meal (on top of my typical evening dose), a daily hot cross bun with marmalade at 4, a little bit more wine in the evening, and a pudding most days – because who knows what day it is, it feels like a permanent weekend. This has meant a tightening of my waistbands. If, like me, you have been in a lazy lockdown lapse and let your usual dietary habits slide, and your incidental physical activity decline, you might be feeling a trifle more ‘comfortable’ than usual.

Is it time for change, time to get a grip, as we start getting back to normal. Getting social support for behavioural change is key to success and your kids can come in handy here. They are perhaps more honest and less tactful than adults (certainly mine are!) and tell you straight how it is. Get them on board with your dietary or exercise related goals and they can really assist in keeping you to task. Ask them to remind and encourage you daily of your commitments and it could make the vital difference between success and relapse. We are around each other continually so constant reciprocal positive feedback is easy.

Lisa 🙂