No more slouching!

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This week I want to show you three simple exercises to help achieve instant postural adjustment, that practised regularly can strengthen the muscles required to hold optimum posture, and loosen the tight ones that inhibit good posture.

The first is pectoral self massage. Tight chest muscles can make it difficult to bring your shoulders back and down. Seated or standing, begin by rolling your shoulders back and down. Make a fist with your right hand and press the knuckles into the left pectoral muscles next to the sternum. Place left hand on top of fist for added pressure. Slowly drive the knuckles across the muscle toward the shoulder. Lift hand, return to start and repeat a few times then swap sides.

Shoulder external rotation or ‘Why’ stretch. Roll shoulders back and down. Slightly tuck pelvis under to achieve neutral low back throughout the exercise. Rotate hands outwards until thumbs point away from body, palms facing forward. Hold 5-10 seconds and repeat a few times. I love this one and really feel the upper back working.

Chin tuck. Stretches neck muscles, lengthens the spine and strengthens deep neck flexors. Stand with shoulders and hips against the wall, feet out a little. Lifting through the crown of the head, bring chin down toward the throat while pressing back of the head against the wall for a few seconds. Rest and repeat a few times. I sometimes do this one in the car against the head rest.

Feeling more upright?

Lisa 🙂