None of us are getting out Alive!!


I’m sat here in my car, at Loughborough University after having just come out of a lecture, put on by British Athletics, as part of Tom, my sons, Athlete Academy of Sporting Excellence.

Not only am I super proud of his achievement, but I also feel very honoured and grateful, to be part of his amazing journey so far.

The lecture was on how to be a ‘model’ parent to support your burgeoning athlete.

Of course, as a parent, you always question your own parenting skills, and I think it’s only human to, not only have doubts, but to question whether you are actually doing the things right? (Are we ever?! )😆

I’ve learnt, you never get it completely right, but if you are getting there, more than not, then you are probably doing pretty damn good!!

As a father to four beautiful children, (young adults now really!), I feel blessed that they are learning and making headway, in what really is a tough world.

I don’t remember being at their age and being so grounded and level headed.

Life can be tinged with both beauty and sadness, and with its twists and turns, and life’s general ‘busyness’, it’s important to just stop and evaluate once in a while.

I have always read with sadness within social media, when comments are particularly judgmental, opinionated or are so negative, and damaging. It’s all then washed over, with a ‘snowflake’ comment.

I’ve learnt in life that actually from human design we can look upon others negatively, but I have to say that I, and my lot, have been brought up to be encouragers.

It’s too easy to look down upon others, boost your own bravado and make yourself look better in the process. It’s actually showing THEIR inferiority complex.

You become a much better person by rising above these opinions, and being supportive, nurturing and embracing others achievements.

In my opinion, life’s too short as it is, to belittle others.

One things for certain, none of us are getting out alive!

Here’s to all the encouragers our there!

The worlds a better place with you!

Until next week….

Best wishes