Not being perfect…

I’ve been thinking of writing about this for a while now, mainly as it’s very prevalent in my own life at the moment. 

I much prefer to write about positivity, happiness and fitness,  but I feel I have a platform to write with these blogs.

I’m hoping writing about it, will help someone else, or least make someone think differently. 

Personally, seeing my mothers health and mental status continually declining, and now having to sort her deputyship, and my fathers estate, it’s brought things to the surface. 

Let’s face it, life isn’t all rosey, but neither should we expect it to be!

I’m all for focusing on the positive, but at the same time I feel we must be able to accept that life is a journey, and one that is not linear. 

We ALL have issues, to a greater or lesser degree, and that’s perfectly normal. 

Life has ups and downs, but that’s what makes the up bits feel more ‘up’! 

We of course want to make the very best of life and sometimes forget about our issues, but at the same time it’s imperative to be able, and feel able, to discuss anything, without concern. 

Are we yet at a platform where this is possible? I’m not too sure. 

My concern, especially for my own wonderful young adults growing up now, is that whilst social media (a key influencer on young behaviour) highlights the very common mental health issues, it also perpetuates the perfect, and therefore the unrealistic.

It suggests that we should look perfect, be perfect, lead perfect lives, have a perfect house, perfect friends and that anything less than this is, well, not perfect!!

I want those suffering not to do so in silence and for fear of reprisal. 

I urge those going through difficult times to just at least let one person know. 

And for those not having any particular current issues, be open to helping others, a listening ear, a check up txt, a simple hi!

You would be amazed what that could mean to someone feeling less than ‘perfect’ ! 

Until next week, best wishes