One. Small. Change.

Through working with my clients, I realise that making too many changes at once is unrealistic & unsustainable.

It can be easy to goal set & then list 20 things you want to change, but how long can these be upheld for?


Whilst I understand that many people want quick results, surely it’s more beneficial in the long term to make more realistic, sustainable change?


Think more about an antithesis to the short term new year resolution type goals, & more about long term evolution of you.


Yes it would be nice if you can workout 6 times a week, & there are a lot that do, but can you keep that level of momentum going?


They say change happens by making the first step, so why not choose something that you can sustain long term?

What about training 2-3 times a week?
What about eating more nutritious foods amongst the not so?
What about increasing your daily step count?
What about making 2 hours a week ‘me’ time?
What about getting to bed 1/2 hour earlier most nights?
What about recognising when you are really biologically hungry as opposed to having ‘head’ (mood) hunger?


There are lots of ways these little steps can make major impact on your long term wellness, that you can keep doing. It can reduce that boom/bust cycle happening & you will feel better by keeping it up!

I encourage you to make one small sustainable change.

I would love to hear from you about yours!
Best wishes
Stuart 😊