Opportunity knocks!


Opportunity knocks!

There’s been a break in the relentless cloud today – hooray!

So, we took the opportunity to get out with our boys on their mountain bikes at the beautiful bumpy common near us. The sky was bright blue, it was very windy and biting cold, but it was so refreshing to be outside again, being active.

It is hard to keep up motivation for outdoor exercise in the overcast, wet days of recent times. I think it is important to take the opportunity to get out whenever a dry spell arises, if possible. At the weekend, be prepared to stop what you’re doing inside and make the break for the outdoors, even if it’s a twenty minutes blast running or striding around the block. You could make a pact to incorporate walking / running / cycling / roller skating (!) on each day of the weekend, planning around the weather forecast (hourly on an i-phone).

It’s dark now, but give it a go tomorrow; looks dry in Bristol, though cloudy!

Otherwise, there’s always good waterproof clothing, and then you can feel ultra virtuous on your return.

Lisa 🙂