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Personal Training

Personal Training at Bristol personal training studio Personal Space

Personal Training at Personal Space is a unique experience, with each exercise session designed specifically for you. Our Bristol personal trainers have experience working with clients of a wide variety, including the elderly, teenagers, those with injuries, chronic pain, long-term illness, confidence or motivation issues, weight loss or sports performance goals.

Reasons to train at Personal Space

Having a trainer with you, who is qualified and experienced, will ensure you have a time-efficient exercise session that is safe and effective, geared towards your aims. We discuss strategies to overcome relapses.

We will help you to increase your self-confidence by teaching correct exercise techniques and improving your knowledge of health and fitness issues. Your trainer at Personal Space promises to keep up to date with the latest research on exercise and health issues.

What we can offer:

Balance & Co-ordination

Not just important for seniors, balance and co-ordination training will make you a more efficient performer in activities of daily living and sports.
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Pregnancy & Post Baby Fitness

Maintain physical conditioning during your pregnancy or return gradually to peak condition following your six week post-natal check up.
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Injury Rehabilitation

Whether  you have on old injury or a recent condition, we provide appropriate, directed exercise to enable you to return to normal functioning.  We have a network of associates in physiotherapy and osteopathy that we link closely with prior to devising a suitable programme of rehabilitation.
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Sports Fitness

We can devise a programme of exercise which ensures a balanced structure, with optimal recovery, and enhanced performance in your chosen sport.
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Weight Control

Let us give you the support  you need to be successful in controlling your weight.  Not only will we design an optimal fitness routine, but using daily food logs, we continually assess, monitor and goal-set with you.  We refer clients to a local registered nutritionist who can offer excellent comprehensive advice.
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Gym Programmes

We can devise comprehensive routines for you to use at your gym, giving your visits a new lease of life.
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Outdoor Exercise

Enjoy running, power-walking, sports drills, and  many other activities to create stimulating and varied sessions.
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Home Programmes

We can provide you with a balanced workout using little or no equipment, in as little as two sessions.
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Regular personal training

Most of our clients have once, twice or thrice weekly sessions, which are varied to suit their needs and how they are feeling.
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