Park Life

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Have you seen outdoor exercise equipment in your local park and thought “that’s good” and walked on by, never to think of it again?

Well, I have, thinking that I do my own strength exercise at home and therefore won’t be needing the park machines. However, a few times lately with my home routine a little out of order, I have used the machines on my way back from the shops. It is SO convenient as the park is right by Sainsbury’s. There is a good mix of kit there, so one can get a balance of exercises, and I’ve done my warm up by walking around the shop.

I did 3 sets of rowing, (quite easy so had to do 30 reps, but still worthwhile), 3 sets of chest press, (quite hard so only did 12-15) and 3 sets of single heel raises on the leg press machine. There are a host of other options, as there generally are at these outdoor exercise equipment sites.

So, if you struggle to fit a strength exercise routine into your day, and live near a park, why not hop on down to see if you could push, pull and rotate in the open air whilst on your way to your errands. Perhaps follow it with some exhilarating fun on the swings while no one’s watching 😉