I’m stood outside on this glorious autumnal day, at Loughborough University, with the current Olympic champion Thomas Rohler, at his javelin masterclass.

It’s fantastic to be able to hear and gain knowledge, from somebody who has achieved the very highest levels of sporting performance.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are into sport or not, you can always learn from an individuals journey.

You might assume that his journey was straight forwards, and a steady increase to success, but then of course we also know what to assume does?! 😉

I was very interested to hear that as a youth, he took part in many different sports, and did not particularly excel. In fact he nearly got taken off his school programme.

He said he didn’t feel the passion, until he took up javelin as a focus, and this is a critical factor in doing anything well – passion!

Once he found what ignited him, he started to excel, but despite this, it wasn’t plain sailing.

As with any worthwhile journey he had his ups and downs, but he persevered over many years, to reach the pinnacle, he’s now attained.

There were periods of up to 2 years where performance plateaued or diminished. Here he adapted, changed, persevered and carried on that journey.

So what’s my point here?

That with any personal goals, no matter what level you are aiming at, it helps to have an innate passion, a built in contingency plan, and a tenacity to see it through.

May you find the correct path to see through your own goals, and be able to enjoy the journey along the way.

Best wishes