Number 2 factor in getting results

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One factor that really helps is………..

wait for it………………


I personally think that for as many that are as motivated by quick results, as many, if not more are put off!

In this fast paced modern world it seems everything is quick! Quick response by email, instant information on the net, instant responses, to get everything to our finger tips, straight away.

The danger of not getting the results as quick as you think you should get them, is you can get demotivated, and then are more likely to go off track.

I always try and quantify with my clients not only exactly they want, but in what time frame. That way I can ascertain whether I think it’s realistic and they fully understand what’s possible or not.

I think it very much depends on the individual client. Some are willing to devote all to the cause and put 100% at all times, others need a longer steady, softly, softly approach.
We are all different and therefore have different ways of approaching a goal.

It’s a classic tortoise and hare analogy, for some the little bitesize approach over a long period works well. Others need a speedy, focus on nothing else, boom or bust approach,but the dangers of falling off the wagon are higher.

For all the too-ing and fro-ing, backwards then forwards, perhaps being patient might get you the results you really desire?

Best wishes