Personal Space closed! πŸ˜•

Personal Space - Personal Training Studio Bristol
Personal Space – Personal Training Studio Bristol

Well, what unprecedented territory we find ourselves in now with Covid 19! πŸ˜• 

Pertinently, I am writing here to inform you that due to governmental policy, we have had to shut Personal Space, until further notice.

In a measure to slow the epidemic down, its a national policy to close gyms. 

Whilst we are a small operation in comparison to others, we have our clients interests at heart,  and it is with much sadness, we feel it pertinent to follow suit. 

Next month sees Lisa and I reaching the milestone of 20 years in business together and the opening of Personal Space, so it’s such a shame we will probably not be open to celebrate such a milestone. (We will make up for it!) 

It’s obviously worrying times, but we wanted to make sure that clients have options to carry on their fitness throughout this period, however long that is. 

Please liaise with your individual trainers to see what they are doing to help keep your fitness and health up optimally, during this testing period. 

I feel sure they will continue to give you expert guidance and information.  

I think we can safely say, even more-so now, that it’s an imperative time to keep your immune system in top form! 

Please remember to give yourself β€˜switch off’ time from this pandemic aswell. Your mental health is just as critical as your physical, in maintaining a good immune system. 

We send you all our very best wishes and hope you all stay well throughout this time. 


Stuart, Lisa, Ryan, Nicole, Lisa D, and Nick.