Personal Trainer life hack #2


Personal trainer #2 life hack- prioritize eating, movement, and exercise, in that order for body compositional change.

I thought it might be a bit of a surprise to some for me NOT to put exercise first!!

Firstly it’s very hard to ‘out exercise’ a bad diet, so I would encourage you to get the food manipulation right to suit you, in a sustainable way. Try and find a way that minimizes boom/bust type behaviour. Experiment with how effective different types of foods affect you. Again, track, observe, make notes and adjust.

Try eating ‘clean’ foods – minimal processed, refined foods, experiment with protein, fats and carbohydrates and adjust accordingly.

All calories are NOT the same. Learn how the different macros affect your unique metabolism.

Why movement over exercise? (although they obviously intertwine).

Most people don’t have the luxury of having copious amounts of time, just to focus on exercise. For most it’s a 20-60 minute workout. An hours hard workout averages 500-600 kcals.

If you want to expend energy to help create an energy deficit, then potentially you have much more potential than the aforementioned amount , by being more active throughout the day.

So walk to work, park the car away, have walk around breaks in between your work schedule, walk at lunchtime, use the stairs instead of lifts, have walking meetings, go the longer route home, do the gardening, – you get the picture!!

Training obviously can make a big impact in the long term. You can become a fitter, more effective fat burner, by improving body composition optimally. Following on from #1 you need to find what exercise helps you the best; cardiovascular, high intensity, power lifting, traditional resistance/weight training, intervals, chain exercises, circuits etc

A key part of better body composition is resistance based exercise. Think about it- muscle is calorie burning tissue – it burns calories at rest without you even doing anything!

You start losing muscle tissue from late 20’s onwards!
Ensure you make resistance exercise an important part of your exercise regime.

Whilst most people want a definitive answer ie. this is the ONLY way, it’s about finding what works for you the best!

I would also add the importance and focus on good quality sleep and a balance of rest a recuperation, but this will be covered in a later blogs.

Best wishes