Phone games killing the art of conversation?

We gave a friend a lift back from school the other day and it was only during the last thirty seconds of the twenty minute journey there was any conversation in the back of the car, due to the fact that the friend was playing a game on his phone from the second we set off. There were three kids in the back, with the game player in the middle, and no one spoke. ┬áMe and my husband in the front were ‘gobsmacked’, and I felt really sad to think back to when we were kids and how different it would’ve been then, all talking at once, having a good laugh.

I notice an increasing amount of children on tablets or phones when in company and I worry that some children don’t know how to interact socially any more, that they have lost the art of conversation, with too many engaged with their phones / games so much of their free time. OK, maybe I am over reacting, but I do think screen time could be limited to certain times of the day, (as well as having a limit on total hours in the day,) so that the antisocial nature of concentrated ‘gaming’ or texting is lessened, being diverted to quiet time when alone. Children would ideally be playing outside more, talking more, being active after school, distracted less by phone activity. We, as role models, could aim to set a good example by having less screen time ourselves, and relegating the importance of phone time, whilst raising the value of face to face interaction and meaningful time together.

Enjoy today’s sunshine, Lisa.