The POWER of words…..


So I was sat in a little seaside cafe this week taking some ‘time out’ with my beautiful wife. In it they had a little library snug, so I went and had a look and came back with a magazine that caught my eye.

One article jumped out at me, as it was something close to my heart- the power of words!
A strange one you might think, but no because the words we use, both saying out loud & our inner talk, have a profound effect on our overall wellbeing.

The right words in the right situation can both sooth or antagonise, encourage or demotivate, give power or deflate. The meaning behind them & how you think/say them can actually change your physiology- so they are hugely powerful!

Choose carefully the words you use yourself to get something done. If for instance you set a target of completing 3 exercise/activity sessions weekly you might say/think the following;
(The words in brackets describe how effective the words are)

I must do that (eventually, I might get around to it)
I should do that (could, but probably not)
I AM Doing that. (I’m certain & I’m committed)

The choice of words & their intonation can suggest how effective you might be in actually achieving your chosen goal.


Try this test on yourself;
In your head repeat that last sentence 3 times each with increasing conviction – getting more positive & louder!

I AM Doing that!

Can you actually feel the difference? Did you notice it actually changed your body physiology?

So listen to the language you use & how you use it & know its affects on both you & others.

Best wishes
Stuart 😊